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We believe that SUSTAINABILITY should be about guidance, people, and our planet in maintaining greener business practices. We believe RESPONSIBILITY should be about taking action and giving back to others.

Greentech for sustainable future

KPT is a green technology company focusing on offering environmental solutions, including water treatment, air treatment and chemical solutions. Our story begins in 2009, with a dream of bettering the environment for people. We strived for these necessary approaches back then and still do to this day.

Our established story

We commit to sustainable growth in environmental solutions

KPT has pioneered technologies that have spurred world-transforming changes and improved the lives of millions.

Pioneering in air, water, chemical solutions & energy

With over 300 products and more than a decade in Greentech industrial solutions, we lead the charge in creating an innovative approach to bettering our environment and our clients.

Our services

Think Sustainable — Act Responsible

KPT Group aims to develop common grounds in the mindset for environmental benefits. Our greatest responsibility is to deliver regenerative future products and services with renewable practices in mind. It’s never late to take action.

Sustainbility commitment

We are providing solutions globally

John Tay

Founder & CEO

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Tham Phan


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Kenny Chia


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