Our story

15 years of milestones and achievements, in pursuit of bettering the world through green technologies.

Where it's all started

Established in 2009, KPT Group is a leading Greentech company specializing in providing air treatment, water treatment & chemical solutions in Vietnam.
KPT Group's mission provides a sustainable future for the next generation by growth in environmental solutions, supporting our people and clients.
After 11 years, The company's revenue raised significantly from only 10 billion VND the first year to 100 billion VND in total annual revenue.
Currently, KPT has more than 120 employees, 1 office, 2 factories and 1 hazardous chemical warehouse as well as established a global network throughout Vietnam and countries in the region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Korea, India and Japan.


From the very beginning we established KPT International Co., LTD  to conduct business within the cleanroom construction, trading of air filter & cleanroom equipment sectors. With one of our first clients being FV Hospital - HCM City, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Factory, Suntory Pepsico Dong Thap, and Medochemi Pharmaceutical Factory.


We created KPT Chemical Co., LTD to develop trading bioaugmentation products for Wastewater Treatment/Agriculture/ Aquaculture & Solid RemediationHelping clients such as: San Miguel Beer wastewater treatment Plant, Hau Giang Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plant, Vietnam Waste Solution.


Ebraco Industry Co. Ltd was established as the main factory in Vietnam with manufacturing filters and cleanroom equipment. The product line being Bag Filters, HEPA filters, V Bank filters, HEPA boxes, Passbox and Bibo for Hospital operation rooms.


Frische Technology Service Co., Ltd was created in order to distribute Ebraco filtration products to the North of Vietnam. In order to assist certain businesses installation filter services within the electronic and semiconductor industries for Samsung, and Vinfast.


On the forefront of Greentech innovation, KPT established JTI Holdings in Singapore and converted KPT Chemical JSC for NH3 business with the focus being on building a NH3 storage warehouse with a capacity of up to 1000 tons. 


KPT GROUP becomes established as the main Greentech company's brand and moves its main office to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Leading to rebranding KPT and consolidation of all remaining subsidiaries and sub-brands. Expanding on new projects with green energy in mind, by building one of the first green ammonia warehouses in Vietnam with a capacity of up to 2000 tons.


KPT GROUP has consolidated all the sub-brands, companies and adjusted its company’s goals with IPO in mind from a LTD to PLC. 

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