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We believe that investing in green technology is investing in a sustainable future

We are working on green energy as our future adventure

Innovations in green technologies can improve human health and increase life expectancy, resulting in a net increase in economic productivity. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would reduce the burden on manpower and health segments, not to mention the benefits of mitigating global climate change.

“That’s why we have sharpened our focus, accelerated our digital drive and during this financial year we're starting our path to growth in revenue and EBITDA.”

John Tay - CEO /Founder

Our services

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Air treatment

We offer a wide range of premium clean air solutions for commercial, industrial air filtration, air pollution control and hazardous fume emission mitigation. 

Water treatment

Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge in providing microbiological application solutions, optimizing machinery and equipment systems, training, consulting, troubleshooting, waste and water treatment solutions. waste by the application of environmental microbiology.

Chemical solutions

Our business scopes into Ammonia storage processes related to chemicals for water treatment, deodorizers, chemicals, industrial cleaners, and maintenance solutions for wastewater treatment.


We service innovative solutions in Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen generation through clean renewable energy sources. Positioning the future with fuel cell technology. 

Our Portfolio


6 million

Technical system installations

Wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment system transactions


10 million

Products sold in reducing river pollutants



Cleaning chemicals serviced to restaurants



CSR commitments contributing to local communities


5 million

Environmental treatment products sold

Our Priorities


Ensure safety is always first.


Provide support to our local governments to assure high quality in purification standards for all sanitation practices.


We push to innovate products that build business practices and standardize responsibility.


Ensure safety is always first


Build on our progress to further strengthen KPT for today and tomorrow.

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