Our mission & vision

KPT has always been a purpose-driven company. We unleash the power of people, ideas, and science to reinvent what is possible. Power comes from the union of purpose and performance.

Our mission

At KPT, we have one mission: To make the world greener, safer, & more productive
We support initiatives that impact communities and provide solutions to some of the world's toughest challenges.

Our vision

To be a top Greentech solution company in Asia Pacific by 2030.

KPT employees are diverse and dedicated, working with the highest level of integrity and focus to fulfill KPT's mission and serve its customers. Our leadership team and Board of Directors are committed to this vision.

We address environment challenges

Millions of people are affected by an ongoing necessity of environment solutions from the basic household's needs to urbanization, KPT Group provides and maintains all of these facets.

Core behaviors

Core behaviors are the most important aspect of our culture. Individuals who learn the behaviors receive ownership and responsibility faster. Through sustainability responsibility, we strive for four core behavior.

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Team communication is that everyone should be able to express their thoughts and ideas. If you feel that some of your team members are not contributing enough to the discussions,  try to understand the real reason behind it and possibly solve it. Discussing ideas collectively always brings more to the table than doing it alone.


Understanding how your business affects human rights and using that knowledge to design appropriate policies and practices is critical to achieving the goal of sustainable growth for all businesses.


Our world can be confusing, and even scary at times. We've all been there, so we show empathy and act with humility. We are all human and respect our customers, partners, and employees.


The spirit in which we support each other fosters open, honest, and meaningful teamwork. We embrace our diversity. We invest in each other because we win or lose as a team.

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