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Aquaculture Expansions within Vietnam

According to Viet Nam News, the region's aquaculture sector is projected to grow more than 4% annually through 2030, reaching $9 billion in annual exports by then. According to the plan, the region's aquaculture production will exceed 4.8 million tons in 2030, including 1.2 million tons of shrimp and 2 million tons of pangasius.

The plan also aims to strengthen environmental monitoring, food safety and biosecurity measures. This is said to help reduce disease incidence in shrimp and pangasius to less than 10% and 8% respectively.

According to the plan, sustainable growth can be achieved by improving farmer capacities, strengthening value chain links, improving infrastructure and increasing the proportion of farmers with CAP accreditation, organic or other certification schemes by 2030.

Based on Viet Nam News, exports of delta shrimp and pangasius rose 16.1 percent and 17.9 percent, respectively, to US$2.19 billion and US$931 million  in the first seven months of the year.


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